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The ULTIMATE DETAILERZ offers great service packages to adapt to your need and vehicle condition.

Your car will be pampered and resurected from its older self. Choose from the following or call us, we will give you the best advise in town. It will be honest and sincere, 100%.


  • Claying
  • Cleaner cum protection polish-
  • from those who make one
  • of the best quality cars( germans)!!
  • Plastics Protection
  • Tyres and wheels ( Subject to conditions)

  • Rs.1,500/- onwards
"Customer: I really want to maintain my car, but i got a tight purse and wife does not allow to spend a lot"

We got the BEST 'polish' your money can buy. We deal with a superior grade & quality products which cannot be compared with those available in the lesser market.


  • Claying
  • Premium Protective Polish
  • Premium Polymer Sealant
  • Tyres and Wheels clean up and Dress
  • Plastic Protection
  • Head light and Tail light protection

  • Rs.2,500/- onwards
"I got my self a new ride!!! But wait," The dealer says- "Get a Teflon coating, it will protect the new car surface". Should i go for it, is it needed?

Get your new car protected ASAP. Most people believe that a new car does not need any surface treatment which is a huge myth.

Have you seen the way cars are stored in yards? If you do, you will know what all can fall and bond with the new paint and cannot be made out unless shown.


  • Claying
  • Premium Compound Polish
  • Premium Polymer Sealant
  • Tyres and Wheels clean up and Dress
  • Plastic Protection
  • Head light and Tail light rejuvenation
  • Rs.4,000/- onwards
Swirl marks are scratches in the finish. Sometimes these scratches are microscopic in size and only visible in bright light, like direct sunlight or very intense artificial lights. Other swirl marks are very deep and are easily visible in just about any lighting condition.

Using a 3 Step high speed buffing process we eliminate all swirls on the exterior of your vehicle. We finish up the swirl mark removal process with a Paint Sealant to enhance the shine and protect the clear coat 3 -4 times longer than regular wax.

Not satisfied with the above mentioned services provided, Check our premium services exclusive to suit the beauty of your vehicle.

our working processin 3 steps

Ultimate Detailerz are professional experts taking care of your priced possession. We have a strict code of quality and discipline. Your drive back from our home will be an experience of PURE ECSTASY.

Scrutiny & Analyst

Our experts will analyze your ride for its immediate need and advice the owners for a required service plan or service pack.

Attend to detail

We at Ultimate Detailerz work on detail oriented. Every nano spec is our interest and priority.

Quality & deliver

Your can experience the quality and service with your automobile and its timely delivery.

NOTE: We also do wet sanding, mineral/water deposits removal from logos and edges, however the cost of that is extra and NOT covered in any package above.