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Ninja H2- The fastest on the road, Detailing and Ceramic Coating done at Ultimate Detailerz Bangalore

Detailing a bike requires a lot more patience and care than detailing a car. Bike lovers are plenty and those who demand the best, ask for the premium offering in paint protection- Ceramic Coating /Silica Coating/ Glass Coating for their ride.

Bike Detailing means reaching out to each corner and taking the effort to do small parts also. Cars usually have large panels and are easier to work on. Bike Detailing also needs many more special tools which sadly are difficult to find in India.

This Special bike, a rare to be seen on the road ,came to us for a paint protection/detailing service.

The owner was very concerned about where to get this done and worried if it will not damage the paint in some ways. We allayed his fears and even got this clarified with the dealer that any high end detailing effort with the right tools and process will not have any negative impact on the paint at all.

Post getting him assured, our work started on this beast that has a special paint( silver infused into it).

Premium bike detailing or car detailing involves a thorough process which many detailers do not follow and cut corners, which we have been training people NOT to do and even guided many.

Iron decontamination after a shampoo wash, and clearing the surface oils post polishing are key elements to a complete detailing experience.

Using a ceramic coating of reputed brand is not enough, but is of course very very essential to delivering the best detailing experience. (more…)

Detailing the E Class Merc- Complete exterior and interior Car Detailing Done at Ultimate Detailerz- Ceramic Coating Experts

A car that is every executive aspires for – the Mercedes E Class. A symbol of quality and when its a black, a symbol of power and being the elite! A car that needs detailing badly when not kept well and is a pride to the owner if kept like it deserves!

Black cars are tough to maintain, no doubt and with negligence they deteriorate fast and look older than what they really are

We got one- owned by a top executive in a consulting firm and since handled daily by a driver, went to an era where it does not really belong!

Daily washing methods which are improper cause a lot of damage to the paint especially, but which is so common in India with cars being washed by drivers or the “boys” who care less!

A multi stage detailing was done which involves ( car detailing done at Bangalore)

  • Thorough decontamination of paint, wheels and engine bay plastics
  • Paint polishing/correction to remove swirls and micro scratches
  • Deep cleaning of the wheels and interiors
  • Paint protection with premium ceramic coating which gives
    • Extreme Heat resistance
    • Chemical resistance- even bird droppings do not impact the paint for many hours
    • Water repellent surface even after many many washes
    • Easy to clean surface that repels dirt and pollutants
    • Resistance to micro scratches as surface hardness is increased
    • Extreme gloss and NO NEED to wax or polish for years if kept properly
  • Rejuvenation of the interiors
  • Plastics restoration

And many more steps. Final result is a car that is FACTORY finish and then protected for years and not months!

Some Pics below that show BEFORE AND AFTER of the detailing effort on every aspect of the car

A video that shows the benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating from Ultimate Detailerz

Connect with the most experienced Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating Detailers in Bangalore- Ultimate Detailerz!

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Detailing – a word that has multiple meanings for multiple people. The moment we say that, most people are blank and to many it means “Polishing”, “Shining”, “Rubbing” “Teflon” etc.

It is a field that is fast growing and things are changing but lets start with the real meaning and what is the need for it ?

Detailing is a process – one that addresses the exterior and interior of a vehicle (only the exterior for a bike) and goes about rejuvenating and protecting the paint, plastics, metal, glass.

Over a period of time with use and exposure to the atmosphere, the surface collects contaminants, paint gets micro scratches, plastics fade away and a lot of deterioration happens to the vehicle. Detailing means getting ALL those back to their original glory, using the right tools and process and THEN finally protecting them for months or years from going back to the same condition.

Is Detailing needed only for old vehicles then? That’s the next logical question of course.

The answer is – NO. Just like we would like to keep a new investment/gadget or anything that we buy, in its best condition for as long as possible, a good detailing and protection will help preserve your investment too.

Cars are RARELY delivered in factory condition, having been in this field for many years have seen brand new vehicles with plenty of contamination and signs of negligence.

Reason? Well if you understand the delivery process – vehicles stand in the stockyard for days and at times months before they are delivered. As a result of that, contamination from the atmosphere, pollutants and mishandling at the dealership results in condition that is FAR from new, though to the layman all looks shiny!

Detailers have tools and ways to identify the blemishes, not to mention experience and then work on the multiple aspects to get your ride back to its glory! A little care, and some time goes a long way to keep your ride looking the best, a reflection of your personality and pride that you carry in having it with you!

Finding a good detailer and getting the best detailing is almost as similar to finding the best doctor! References help and seeing the feedback plus what work has been delivered is what counts most.
We , at ultimate detailerz have been delivering results to happy customers for many years and what started with a passion is still going on with the same zeal but now with Franchise partners added to the family who also carry the same enthusiasm to every car or bike that is detailed!

Right from old vehicle rejuvenation to new car protection with premium ceramic coatings, we got it all covered!

Connect With Us to learn more about your detailing needs, best pricing and details for your NEXT Detailing.

Why choose Us


We are your detailing specialists. Before choosing a detailer, do your due diligence and make sure to ask some technical questions, see before and after pictures of previous jobs and have some sample work performed. Not all detailers are equal and a little time invested in getting to know your automotive detailer may save you some grief in the near future.
Don’t just look at the money spent upfront, but also the life cycle of the work being performed and
what kind of guarantees that the car detailer is giving you.

We not only offer a complete car detailing experience but also educate on how to maintain. For us its a simple policy- if you cannot maintain, do not get ANYTHING done and save your money!

We are the ONLY detailers in Bangalore offering the most premium CQuartz Finest from CarPro that needs special expertise and authorization, given to a limited few in the WORLD and now for you here in Bangalore from us.

We also offer professional detailing training, having trained multiple folks all over India to set up and operate successfully.