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mohsin_khan_ultimatedetailerzAt Ultimate Detailerz me and my team bring a professional approach to maintaining cars and giving top of the line, international quality car and bike detailing experience at affordable prices, right here in Bangalore!

I am someone who loves cars and own cars and welcome those who really care for their rides! Its a passion pursued by someone who is like most in bangalore, an IT guy!


If you want a totally unique detailing experience for your car or bike in Bangalore with owners who are passionate about their own rides, working on your car or bike, call us. We are not mass market players doing this purely for money and are only looking at limited vehicles as we do not want to compromise on quality. Today our clients range from a Maruti 800 to a Ferrari- 100% satisfied with the best detailing in Bangalore. Check out our image gallery to see our work and the cars we have given the “Ultimate Touch”. Dealing with us you would have transparent and honest dealings with no attempts at up selling, misguiding.


  • Detailing
  • Plastics
  • Paint
  • Swirls
  • Glass

We are your detailing specialists. Before choosing a detailer, do your due diligence and make sure to ask some technical questions, see before and after pictures of previous jobs and have some sample work performed. Not all detailers are equal and a little time invested in getting to know your automotive detailer may save you some grief in the near future.
Don’t just look at the money spent upfront, but also the life cycle of the work being performed and
what kind of guarantees that the car detailer is giving you.

We not only offer a complete car detailing experience  but also educate on how to maintain. For us its a simple policy- if you cannot maintain, do not get ANYTHING done and save your money!

We are the ONLY detailers in Bangalore offering the most premium CQuartz Finest from CarPro that needs special expertise and authorization, given to a limited few in the WORLD and now for you here in Bangalore from us.

We also offer professional detailing training, having trained multiple folks all over India to set up and operate successfully.


What do our Customers saying about us?
  • One of the best car detailing service found in Bangalore suburbs. I would recommend anybody who loves their ride.
    Pradeep- OXOROXO
  • Top class detailing experience, got it done for a friends car based on reviews seen on facebook and tbhp. They are indeed the best, personalized care and attention and top quality results. To top it, practical and simple advise on how to maintain the finish and some quality car care products which are affordable.
    Bhushan Pal
  • It has been a wonderful experience with Ultimate Detailerz. I have used their services for almost past 3 years, right from getting my cars detailed to buying quality detailing products at the best rates in town.
    Nikhar Gupta
  • Review Date: 27/06/2015Pros:Excellent products.Sound knowledge on exterior / interior detailing. Good Communication and interaction. Friendly and courtesy. Appointment is must. Cons:Shop is tricky to locate. Surrounding area is a turn off. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for car detailing services in bangalore. Results will be far superior than 3M, Autokrom, etc. These are guys don't do volume in terms of business as they believe in doing the best Job with highest customer satisfaction. Vehicle - 2014 Maruti Ertiga Vxi
    Anish Patnaik

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An online community of car care enthusiasts and professional auto detailers. We are an open and friendly car care forum dedicated to helping each other achieve the highest level of detailing perfection and also educate the public in proper auto care.

Car Detailing Forum for the enthusiast. Learn how to wax, polish, compound, clay and detail your vehicle.

Do you love having a clean car? Need some advice or tips on how to detail your car? If so, this is your new home. Come on in! This forum is sponsored by Detailers Domain.


Do you love having a clean car? Need some advice or tips on how to detail your car? If so, this is your new home. Come on in! This FATs is sponsored by Ultimate Detailers.

Is your auto paint has stood the test of time?

We provide the best industry renowned car care products and treatment. At Ultimte Detailerz we can make your Car look the way it was first rolled out of the showroom space.

Come to Ultimate Detailerz to experience the quality and care for your ride.

We have the 'Ultimate' experts at your service

Our responses from the customers are their heartfelt appreciation and satisfaction to see their automobiles transformed beyond their expectation. We hold a reputed title for the Ultimate services in Bangalore.

Contact us for a free advice on car care!

Top quality products for your loved rides

We treat your rides with care and respect, they deserve our quality treatment and touch. Ultimate Detailerz use the top notch revolutionary products in car care domain.

The quality is reflected with a sparkle and your image reflected like a mirror on your ride.